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The Composition Of The Passenger Elevator

Suzhou Diao Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

              Traction System: The main function of the traction system is the output and transmission power, so that the elevator operation. Traction system mainly by the traction machine, Traction wire rope, guide wheel, the reverse rope wheel composition. Guidance system: The main function of the guidance system is to limit the car and the freedom of movement to heavy, so that the car and the weight can only follow the guide to make movements. The guide system is mainly composed of guide rails, guide boots and guideway frames. Car: The car is to carry passengers and cargo elevator components, is the working part of the elevator. The car is composed of car carriage and car body. Door System: The main function of door system is to seal the entrance of the layer station and the entrance of the car.Passenger Elevator

              Door system by car door, layer door, door machine, door lock device. Weight balance System: The main function of the system is to balance the weight of the car, in the elevator work can make the car and the weight difference between the heavy to keep within the limit, to ensure that the elevator traction drive normal. The system is mainly composed of the weight compensation device. Electric Power Drive System: the function of electric power drag system is to provide power, implement elevator speed elevator Hall degree control. Electric drive system consists of traction motor, power supply, speed feedback device, motor speed control device, etc. Electrical control System: The main function of the electric control system is to operate and control the elevator.Passenger Elevator

              The electrical control system mainly consists of a control device, a position display device, a controlling panel (cabinet), a flat layer device, a selector layer, etc. Safety protection system: Ensure safe use of elevators to prevent all accidents that endanger personal safety. It consists of a speed limiter, a safety clamp, a buffer, and an end station protection device.Passenger Elevator